What year did tube lose to SS

There was a major paradigm shift when CD became the media of choice I think it happened in 1982. All of sudden I went to the recprd stores and found CDs instead.
Similarly although I was too young to remember first hand, there had to be a year that saw the golden era of HI FI all tubed mostly stereo gave way to Transistor or Solid State. Please take a guess. I have no statistic but I think it was 1964. Was that The year when more SS amps were produced than tubed amps?
I went to college in 1973 & SS was definitely outselling tubes back then. So I think it was between 1965 & 1970. My hearing is definitely becoming worse and I can hear things I couldn't with SS in my better daze at low loudness levels.
I bought a McIntosh MA5100 SS integrated in early 1967 which was one of their earliest SS products as I remember. I believe this was one of the first "high end" solid state units in the industry. Looking back, I wish I had bought a tube set instead.
The late '60's was when I noticed tubes disappearing in favour of solid state at an accelerated rate. Even earlier for things like radios. I can't put a specific year on it. I bought my first "high end" amp in '71. It was a second hand Fisher, already a couple of years old. No tubes in it. I can't remember everything else I was looking at at that time, but I don't remember seeing tubes other than McIntosh. Even then the thought of buying something with tubes seemed "old fashioned".
Zenith made its last tube televisions in 1971. By then, tubes had lost the war and many a repair technician were scrambling as to how to adapt. TV and to a lesser degree, radios and home entertainment systems, led the push to solid state ... not hifi equipment.

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Rar1 tubes have been used as a picture tube long past this. Think they are still made.CRT