what you think about gryphon atlantis -- i am not surprise at all anyone one with me?

i was travel in london before few weeks ,i hear it in second hand store and this speaker soo big but bass is weak not go down lower, and the the higher treble to harsh anyone with me?


I am not familiar with that speaker, but maybe it was defective.  Big speakers usually don't have a problem with bass if they are designed properly.  Likewise with the treble.

These are expensive speakers. It's likely the source and amplification were not up to par. Speakers only reproduce (for the most part) what they are fed. 

They are somewhat designed to be driven with Gryphon Electronics, which are top notch. Of course they are fine with any other high quality electronics. I agree with @noromance as well as whatever room they were in with possibly many other speakers sucking up the bass.