Whats a good cable for tube gear

I have a Conrad-Johnson Premier 11a with a Premier 14 preamp and a Cal Audio CL-20 cd player. Driving a Martin Logan Aerius i. what would be a good cable for this system to be detailed and smoother without becoming bright
Check out the cables from Silver Audio! They are solid silver core cables that are simply wonderful sounding. I recently auditioned a pair of Silver Audio's Appassionata interconnects in my system and was floored at the extreme smoothness of them, without a hint of grit, grain, or harshness. They are extremely detailed and "fast" sounding and mate well with my tube gear(BAT VK-D5,VK-30, and VK-500 SS amplifier).Check out eaudionet.com for an in home audition! Good Luck Ken
I'm currently using Cardas Neutral reference cables from my Meridian 508-24 to my CAT preamp and JPS superconductor2's between preamp and crossover and crossover to BAT VK-60. I'm loving the sound of the JPS cables and the Cardas is great for sources.
i'm currently using kimber's kcag interconnections between my wadia and cj amps. previously, i used them between my cj pre amp and amps. i'm really happy with the silver cables. i have also used transparent's super and ultra interconnects(and was pretty happy with them. i continue to use transparent's reference speaker cable from my cj's to my speakers). someone on this sight referred me to an article suggesting that i not use network cables with tube gear. i disagree. but, hey, this whole thing is about personal taste, right?
I am using Nirvana SL-1 speaker and interconnect cables with a similar system. CJ 11A with EI KT-90 tubes, Audible Illusion Mod 3A, Genesis V speakers. I have found the Nirvana to be extremely coherent with excellent rendition of the musics timbre. Additionally, they have excellent noise reduction capabilty providing a quiet noise free background. High end extension is very good, to mprove on it requires top end Nordost, which is to forward for my taste. Kimber KCAG is a good alternative as is Discovery cables. I found the Cardas too warm for my system.
Siltech interconnects and speaker cable would be perfect in this setup. See my follow up post in Has anyone tried Silech cable. The most natural, uncongested sound you will ever hear; with none of the usual silver cable faults. Mike Affinito Celestial Sound (Audiogon Store) http://celestialsound.net/