whats a good older hdcd cd player?

i had a chance to listen back in the mid 90s a system that blew my mind. didnt have the money for it but remember the cd player was a nad player and the speakers were psb stratus golds. i now own stratus silver i speakers and a old school pioneer elite 39tx pre amp. the cd player now is a old elite dv37 which is dvd also. i would like my own cd player but dont wanna spend a ton since my equip is pretty low fi stuff. do non hdcd players equal out at all to a non hdcd. i would like a nad c541 but cant find one. thanks for any info. newbie kevin
I ditto Mechans recommendation above of the Music Hall MMF CD 25 with HDCD. Superb for the modest price ~ $550 new and can be found for about $300 used here on Audigon.
I still have my Rotel RCD-971. In my opinion it was a great player for the money when I bought it, and is still a really nice sounding unit.
There is a NAD C541 now on sale here on the 'Gon for $260. Personally, I like NAD units but find my old Classe CDP.3 more refined. Good luck.
For a low budget system, you might be better off with a brand new Oppo DVD player (yes it decodes HDCD) as opposed to an inexpensive used CD player, for about the same money.