Whats playing on your system today?

Today I decided to listen to two of my favorite rock guitar heros and one great vocalist. Guitarist' Robin Trower, Ronnie Montrose and vocalist Davey Pattison.

I listened to Trower songs:
Bridge of sighs, Stitch in time, The fool and me, my personal favorite- Too rolling stoned and others.....

Then I pulled out "Gamma". 
I listened to: Razor King, Wish I was and Skin and bone and others.....

Davey Pattison hooked has also up with Michael Shenker also. I really enjoyed my day so far. Anybody else heard anything good?




It's been a very, very long time since I thought about the Palominos.  I lived in Hoboken during The Feelies early run at Maxwell's, so I initially knew the Palominos as Anton Fier's new band after he quit The Feelies.  Then, they just started soaking up one after another of my favorite performers.  

I was big Bill Laswell fan at that time and he was an original member, I believe.  Later, both Matthew Sweet and Don Dixon signed on and they are first tier names in my book.   (One aside: My first dance with my wife was to the Don Dixon/Marti Jones arrangement of Joe Tex's "You Got What it Takes").   IIRC, even Richard Thompson got some run with the band.  Syd Straw, T-Bone Burnett, and a few others that I'm no doubt blanking on at the moment also did time with the Palominos.

(What, no Lindsey Buckingham?)  

Man, I gotta go back and revisit that stuff.  Thanks for the reminder.
I agree, Lindsay Buckingham is a great musician and song writer. I believe Rolling Stone magazine had him listed in the top 100 best guitarist. 
Though I didnt follow him far from Fleetwood Mac, I do own "Buckingham Nicks", (1978) and "Go Insane", (1984). 

I've been listening to the Buddy Guy stuff. Excellent. I really enjoy listening to as much of the media mentioned as time permits. Thanks for the education. 

This afternoon I listened to Blue Oyster Cult, "Secret Treaties", entire CD. I really ennoy "Dominance and Submission ".


The Continental Drifters were (are?) a fantastic band! They did a residency at an underground (literally---it was in a basement) club on Hollywood Blvd. in the early-to-mid 90’s, playing every Monday night (iirc) for a long time. Everybody in L.A. went to those shows, and guest artists would often join them onstage.

Besides the aforementioned Peter Holsapple (whose drummer in the dB’s, Will Rigby, is now working with Steve Earle. Small world!) and Susan Cowsill (at the time girlfriend of then-L.A. resident Dwight Twilley), members included Vicki Peterson of The Bangles, Dream Syndicate bassist (and major a-hole) Mark Walton, and incredibly good drummer (and singer) Carlo Nuccio, who played on Tori Amos’ first album. One of the best live bands I’ve ever seen; their albums are pretty good, too.

I downloaded the Continental Drifters, "Vermillion" last night. Listened this morning. I like it a lot. Going to give it a few more spins over the next few days.

Also this morning...Ambrosia, "One Eighty ".