whats the best pre amp to pair with Bryston 4b cubed? A

asking because there seems to be lukewarm enthusiasm for the bp17 cubed which I wdve thought the obvious pairing.


don't worry about naysayers if you like bryston go for it, they are a quality outfit

I tried a set of 7b3 monoblocks in my system at one point in time.  It turned out to be pretty good after an internal fuse upgrade, but the overall sound was thin in bass, midbass, midrange.  I would pair this with a very thick sounding preamp with heavy on the midrange texture and warm slow bass.

Long time Bryston owner of multiple iterations of their amps.Tube pre amp is essential to flesh out the linear presentation and provide that deeper richer musical presentation.Always used Audio Research tube pre amps,well documented history between that marriage.Of course there are other accomplished pre tube pre amps which will meet your needs.

I’m going to assume we can pretty much start off fresh. Keep the Arcam integrated and...this is going to sound like a broken record but get a set of Triangle Deltas ( or better). The Triangles will give you what the Arcam doesn’t with the Totems. Tons of imaging and deep deep sound stage. A huge step up and well within the budget. Better electronics WILL get you more from the Totems but for the same money you can have your bucket list system that is way above a change in just the electronics.