whats the best pre amp to pair with Bryston 4b cubed? A

asking because there seems to be lukewarm enthusiasm for the bp17 cubed which I wdve thought the obvious pairing.


I’ve had a 4b3 and BP26/MPS2 for the past couple of years. They perform superbly with my loudspeakers and I think would match up well with your Totems. The Bryston pairing won several Absolute Sound Editor’s Choice awards recently, for what it’s worth.
I updated from 20 year old 4bST and BP25 units I’d purchased new, neither of which had an issue in all that time. The new gear sounds better in many ways, but I was never disappointed in the old gear. I just thought 20 years of use was long enough, glad I made the move.

Noting people arent convinced a Brtyston is markedly better than current arcama49  a vacuum tube preamp is on the list -I can put the arcam into bypass mode in that case.

No.  Just..,no.  Nobody said the preamp section of your Arcam is better than a Bryston preamp.  Get a Bryston BP26 and enjoy your system.  

agree w @soix

dunno if op has covered what his source is up-stream (analog, cd, streaming)... if it is a single source, and if the source is not a turntable... there are very nice dacs now with remote volume control, can run straight into power amp... don’t need no linestage...

soix 4 notion of putting arcam into bypass was temp measure to assess preamps effect -whether tube or the bp26.

Never suggested preamp section of arcam might be better than the bryston indeed I expect not.

I can acquire here from a local dealer with a reasonable return policy a bp 26 which I can mate with the arcam.

If that pairing woks -keep the bp 26 and get a 4b cubed from same source on same terms.and see where we are.

If better than the bp26 +arcam keep it if not send back.


Was noting that contrary to expectations the music in my room sounds much better when Im standing up.

Thought it odd because most recommendations are to have tweeters at ear height sitting down.

Ques pasa?

Well I reasoned might be the fact that a tv (55 in) perched on my bdi stand between the speakers was the reflection point.

Removed it and Bingo.

Will try covering tv with a quilt during listening sessions but if that doesnt work it has to go.

The room im in has a window (its the back room of the house) so it cant be wall mounted.

I could replace the window curtains with heavier sound absorbing materials.

So as it sits things wd be improved if tv wasnt there .

AS a temp step thats the thing to do and then the question wd be wd a bryston 4b cubed and bryston bp 26 be a even bigger step up than that?

Well I will test that out after the dedicated line goes in -I can get the Bryston equipment from a local dealer with a 30 day return policy.

will report back mid summer Im hoping

Thanks again with advice from all