whats the best pre amp to pair with Bryston 4b cubed? A

asking because there seems to be lukewarm enthusiasm for the bp17 cubed which I wdve thought the obvious pairing.


I would try the Schitt Freya+ ($1000) with the 4B3 if I wanted a warmer sound. Or someone other tube preamp. I know that a BAT VK-42SE that I had in the past worked well with Bryston 7B-SST. Though the cube line is warmer than the SST line. I currently use the Freya+ with a Benchmark AHB2 amp that is very neutral, and it is an excellent combo.

If you do not need the extra warmth and want a preamp that adds nothing to the sound, I would get a Benchmark LA4 ($2600). In a few months I will sell my Freya+ to get a second LA4 or HPA4.

Will try covering tv with a quilt during listening sessions but if that doesnt work it has to go.

I started a thread about covering up my TV with sound absorption cloth or panels. I did a lot of research and bought a good panel. However, the sound still was worse than having no TV in the middle, so I got rid of the TV. I use the panel now to cover my CD rack which is a nice improvement.


RE the tv fact is Ive moved

speakers around per Jim smiths book and nver even thought of reflections off TV.

Experience with sound absorption panel useful.

Looks like tv has to go to another room-so be it.

Well next move dedicated 20amp line and upgraded outlets.

Will stay with that and Arcam for a couple months then btrng in the Bryston gear

If its an observable step up keep them -failing that back to Arcam. a49- thanks to all for comments

Happy 5 year owner of 4B3 and have only used it with my 23 year old BP25. I agree with others who have recommended the BP26. I use the polarity/invert switch every time I listen to a CD, a very good feature of these preamps.

Glad to come across this thread.  I have a Bryston B135 Squared that feeds into Thiel 2.7 speakers.  Room is about 2000 cu ft with room treatments.  Wanting a lower noise floor (can hear speaker buzz with my ear about 2 feet from the speakers), I tried out the Bryston 4B3 and a VTL TL 2.5i preamp.  Sounded very nice..music had some extra solidity and the soundstage broaded compared to the B135.

I also ran the VTL 2.5i and used the B135 as an amp.  Imaging and breadth of soundstage was good but lost the solidity/weight.

Finally, I ran the B135 as a pre-amp into the 4B3.  While better than only using the B135, didn't quite match the TL 2.5i + 4B3 combination.

Decided to purchase the 4B3 and will likely go with VTL...although may ask to try the BP26 that's in the store before making the final call.

Decided to purchase the 4B3 and will likely go with VTL...although may ask to try the BP26 that’s in the store before making the final call.

@pacoinmass Be aware that VTL’s customer service has an awful reputation, and there are a lot of other great tube preamps out there — Atmasphere, Backert, VAC, Audio Research, LTA, etc. FWIW, and best of luck.