Whats the best used tuner for under 1000

I would like to buy a top quality used tuner for $1000 or less. Should I be looking for analog or digital and what models for best price? I live near a big city so reception is strong and I don't need to worry about that. Adjacent channel rejection would be a consideration but not any priority. Any specific recommendations? Thanks for your interest.
You can't beat Magnum Dynalab's Etude. One of the best sounding, regardless of price. It will astound you, if the signal quality is up to it, it can rival CD sound. No BS!
Good luck and enjoy the tunes.
I hate to say this but the Magnum Dynalab tuners are over priced and do not perform at the level of a number of vintage tuners. In particular, they are lacking in dimensionality. Suggest one of the better "older" Japanese tuners. I have had excellent luck with the Yamaha CT 7000.
I agree with both posts above. A digital tuner has the advantage of many preset stations. Read up on the TIC page linked above. (I use and recommend the Don Scott Marantz, but the MD unit is nice as well - what a quandry).
Lpquick is right! I still use my 12 yr old NAD Monitor Series tuner, as it was clearly one of the best of its era (and far better than their current tuners), but my Magnum Dynalab MD100 is profoundly more realistic in its portrayal.
Live feeds are eerily good. Balance is a little lean because the top octave is so clean, so I use a Harm Tech Truthlink XLR with fine results. NEW ones can be had around $1200, used older Etudes and 90s $600-$1000.