whats the biggest mistake you made?

ever sell a peice of gear then realize you made one big mistake or find a better way to run it after its allready gone?

for me it was the mcintosh mc2102 tube amp that wasnt cuttin the mustard or so i thought,since then ive tried many amps & none have gave me the same feeling as that amp.

most of the changes ive made over the years have been good or atleast i could live with them but that one change really taught me alot,im taking things alot slower nowdays & taking the time to hear the different gear i bring in before rushing to decisions.


Islandear - a quick check of my feedback should dissapate any concerns over any farm-animal testicle substitute scams. Mine's the real deal. It was kept in the more desirable salt-brine till only recently when the "Diesel incident" occured and we went to vinegar in the pantry for safety's sake. Rest assured also it is a solid 9/10 as I cannot find a mark on it. Removed only because I went to Jockey's and needed the extra room. Look, I'm interested in both your 98' bottles since they are the very desirable short runs. I'd give you my groin-pearl for the OGG's. For the Black Basalts I've got a pinky finger with a large gold ring suspended in beef talow (no, it's not my own, I got it from one of my Italian relatives in NYC).....Or, a genuine Pope John Paul II turd collected during his 95' visit to the States and cast in a beautiful acrylic suspension complete with brass plaque and a certificate of authenticity. If you want the latter you'll have to add something else to the deal. Got any of those magic tuning dots perhaps?

Hooper - if you go off the meds again get yourself one of those inflateable clown figures that you punch and they come right back up for more. Much cheaper than a Krell and makes for less of a mess to clean up. Your landlord may still look at you funny though.

Marco, apparently the moderator didn't care for my enthusiastic response to your offer of papal poopoo. I have to say that this disclosure on your part throws everything out of whack. I am going to have to consult with my CPA, MFP and LSMFT to figure out a way to acquire said poo. Having said that, the pinky finger might be put to use for iso control so I will consider that as well. You'll be hearing from my people soon.
Not marrying my college girl friend that went on to become a doctor - just think of the toys she could get me.! lolol
In audio, not being patient was a mistake. In life....being a @#$% up in high school cost me a scholarship.