whats the finest recorded cd you've heard?

Regardless of the music style what's the one disc that made you say wow about the recording quality. The one disc that comes to mind when you want to demo your system for someone. For me, I just heard an older cd from the rippingtons. The cd is "Let it Ripp" It's very well done!

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"Anyone can write anything on a blog. It doesn't make it true."

That IS true.

The Torme Classic Concert recording is a special one for sure though on the OHMs.em

At the very end of one tune, "Round Midnite", I think, Torme hits an extended high note that just seems to resonate throughout my big L shaped room room like nothing else I have ever heard on my system. The first time I heard it it startled me and I thought there was somebody actually above and behind me screaming. I seldom hear music coming from behind me with my setup in that particular room. Its an almost out of body listening experience.

Makes me wonder.......
Roger Waters, Amused to Death. The one where the dog barks in the beginning. That dog was about 3ft away from the left side of the left speaker when it barked. This recording somehow appears to move the sound outside the box. Having just made what I consider a major upgrade to my system I was not previously aware of the fantastic sonics of this well known album. I had read threads on the subject hear before and made sure to burn a copy but not until discovering it yesterday did I know what hub bub was truly all about. Do yourself a favor and check this record out. Just for sound mind you, the songs can be tedious at times.