whats the very best sounding cables for realistic money

can you all please tell me if there are a really special sounding cable out there for realistic money, ie power cables 300/400gbp, signal cables 1m 400/500gbp and speaker cables for around 600/700gbp, i know its still alot of money but there must be a manufacturer out there thats not pulling our trousers down, or spending time and money on R&D to solve problems that do not need addressing ie over the top shielding or some other marketing nonsense, the company i am showing interest in are Anti cables ??????????
At the price point that the OP is inquiring about, IMO the Black Cat Coppertone's are probably impossible to beat. 
Just pointing out this is a 3 1/2 year old thread. No doubt the OP has made his decision.
It's amazing how all the cable dealers jump you over for your wallet.
Power cord: Save the money, use a kettle power cord sales for 1-3gbp.
Interconnects: Go XLR if you have the interface on your gear. DIY is fine, a nice Audio Technica Mic cable and Nutrik connectors will be the best.
Speaker cables: it doesn't go by the pound, but by the Amp;s DF and length.
Tell me the data and I'll calculate it for you.
Than go DIY for a cable with banana plugs and save the the money.
Your biggest problem is how to spend good gbp left over from the vultures trying to rip you off.
Analysis Plus.  Their "bottom of the line" interconnects and speaker cables are great.  The mid-priced ones are excellent!  I've never felt the need to even try their "top-of-the-line."