Whats the weirdest concert you ever attended?

I have to say this is only bought up by one particular concert I attended in 1970 in Birmingham England.
I went to see a German band called Faust. They had a bit of a reputation for being more weird than most, and that's saying something given other bands around at the time and had an underground following along with Henry Pig and Hatfield and the North.
So.... I was in row two and eagerly waiting for the show to start. The auditorium was completely dark except for the lights on the amps. At each side of the stage there was a big old 36" colour TV set and a pinball machine.

In due course, everyone assumed that the band came on stage as the light on the amps went off in sequence as if someone was walking past them. Then, eventually, odd sounds started emanating from where we assumed the band was. Still no lights. Then the TV's burst into life and were showing a different channel on either side of the stage. Still no sign of the band.
Next a guy walks on stage in just his underpants (1970's Y fronts)and starts playing the pinball machine. Every time he used the flipper the TV channel changed.

This was how the whole one and a half hours were spent until the guy on the pinball either got bored or the band got bored but he just walked off, the music stopped and the lights on the amps flickered again so we assumed that the band had left the stage.

During the course of the "concert", there was all sorts of aromas of illicit substances. To put the icing on the cake, about half way through, a woman in the front row turned round to me and said "would you hold this for me" offering a newly lighted special cigarette. After passing it to me she proceeded to turn back to the front, lean on the stage, have very quick very rough sex doggy fashion with someone I can only assume was her partner and then ask me for her joint back!

My head was really messed up for weeks and I'm still not sure if it was the concert or the side show which was to blame.
well, the 70 ties will never be back....couple of year ago I was at the concert of one of the best conductor and orchestra in the world nowadays and the concert hall was half empty....weird, is'n it?
I envy you to see Faust live.
I mostly attend weird concert so it's fund to list:
1. Art Ensemble of Chicago -- early 90s
2. Larval at NYC Jazz festival at South Street Seaport
3. Nils Petter Molvaer at NYC Coney Island High
4. Gong with Daevid Alen and Steve Hillage at KnittingFactory NYC
5. Acid Mothers Temple japanese noise prog band at King's in Raleigh NC,
6. Death -- neo-punk band at Hopscotch Raleigh festival
7. Pere Ubu -- at King's in Raleigh
8. Few times attended Residents in NYC (they wear eyeballs and play weird tunes with weird videos displayed on whiteboard during their performance)
9. King Crimson ProjeKCts in Irving Plaza NYC
Hollywood Palladium 1972.Headliner Alice Cooper opening acts Commander Cody and Howlin' Wolf.We had driven 100 miles to hear Wolf and the concert was sold out.We had to go around to the backstage entrance and bribe a security guard to get in.We got in,Wolf was great and we left before Alice Cooper got the hangman's noose set up.
David Bowie at Knight Center in Miami. After Stereophonics opened, a stagehand fell from the scaffolding, landed on his head and died on the stage in front of the crowd. Bowie was canceled and we went home saddened.

Genitorturers at the old Cameo Theater on Miami Beach. The most bizarre show I have ever seen. If I described what went on, my post would probably be deleted. Consider the band"s name, but you still wouldn't believe it if I told you.