When and what was your last significant equipment upgrade?

I will start- December 2015, a DAC (Bricasti M1)

As I've said in the past, I truly believe I am done in terms of buying gear, but more recently I finally merged my laptop with my DAC to explore hi-rez audio, which I am enjoying a great deal
Bought one 1 meter AQ Colorado RCA interconnect and two .5 meter ones on the Music Direct half price sale.  This is the third day of around the clock break-in, much of it with Purist Audio Designs System Enhancer Disc and I have never had a clearer window to the music.  It makes other cables sound "confused"  Ridiculously great value at such close-out prices.

July 2016 - Accuphase E600 bought as demo from authorized dealer with full warranty. I only mention that because some people do buy Japanese versions on eBay with step down transformers which is something I would never do.
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Zavato I am with you on the Bricasti. My upgrade was the 2K Melco N 1 server, player. Stores 2 terabytes. I purchased a Buffalo CD Ripper that is made by the same company but sells for about $160 dollars. Much easier then burning to a laptop. Now while I listen to music I can burn CD's at about one every 4 minutes. Adds a lot of joy to my listening experience.