When choosing new Speakers, what matters most to you?

When auditioning new speakers have you ever listened to a pair you thought you really liked only to realize you didn’t like them at all after seeing their measurements/specifications? And I’m not talking about speakers that would be too difficult for your electronics to drive but rather, you just didn’t like their waterfall plot, or their frequency response or some other measurement even though subjectively, you loved the way they sounded? Conversely have you ever listened to a pair of speakers you did not care for only to change your mind after seeing their specs?

Assuming speakers can be easily driven by your home electronics, in other words, no compatibility issues related to sensitivity or impedance, what is the single most important thing you look for when finding speakers you’ll enjoy listening to? How do you go about confirming the speakers you buy will be enjoyable to listen to in your home system?


Quality, looks, auditions 

I im a big vintage fan, so I don't alway have the opportunity to audition. I pick the best of the vintage that fits my purpose. 

Yamaha, jbl, Wilson audio, pioneer, Tannoy, 

I  would like to thin the herd but I'm a pack rat.

Stash what I don't  like, keep what I do, and setup the ones I love.

Jbl, jubals and l220 have made it the longest. 

Wilson Audio watt puppy 5 and Yamaha ns1000m are all in the rotation as keepers.


Measurements to me have some meaning, but I would seek out speakers that have a known good reputation for good performance in most rooms in the real world, over measurements. I read allot of success stories about Devore Fidelity regarding. I also believe that a smooth off axis response both horizontal and vertical, is important for success in rooms as well.