When is digital going to get the soul of music?

I have to ask this(actually, I thought I mentioned this in another thread.). It's been at least 25 years of digital. The equivalent in vinyl is 1975. I am currently listening to a pre-1975 album. It conveys the soul of music. Although digital may be more detailed, and even gives more detail than analog does(in a way), when will it convey the soul of music. This has escaped digital, as far as I can tell.
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Yes this is a very logical way. The thing is Price has nothing to do with the quality of the product, Wine/hi-fi. If you didn't have this barrier of " cash " you would be drinking other stuff. The thing is when wine is done right,and there are so many factors to producing great wine that the price sky rockets for the simple reasons of supply and demand. The other factors are ignorant rich guys who drink 2k bottles of Bordeaux wih poached eggs and macaroni and chesse just to impress. There is the other factor of if mac and egg is ready to pay 2K then next years batch will be 2.5K regardless of average ,if not bad production/year. The product is "in " it's cool it's "i've made it" etc...

Now hi-fi is exactly the same. Nothing to do with the actual production from sunshine,rain ,earth ,altitude... to your glass,or recording session ,musicians,atmosphere...to your ROOM, to your ears.....cheers.

Nothing to do with ss vs tubes vs digital vs TT.


Should read...."everything to do with the actual production from sunshine etc...
TVAD and others,

My comment was a little unfair. I think it is more a matter of preference. I am far from an analog purist. I listen to CD and SACD more than analog - mostly because I don't always have the time to mess with all that is involved.

I enjoy both formats and probably overreacted. There's no sense in making blanket statements since people have different preferences.

Let me restate and say I prefer vinyl if given the choice, but definitely will continue to listen and continue to improve my CD and SACD performance.
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Which reminds me, I should suggest my better half to source a fresh bottle of California Merlot. . . the one I have open now is starting to taste as flat as my first CDP sounded in 1984--a McIntosh MCD7000. I should put what's left of the Merlot in a pot roast. . . or perhaps that's what I should have done with my McIntosh instead of selling it in 1994.