When is digital going to get the soul of music?

I have to ask this(actually, I thought I mentioned this in another thread.). It's been at least 25 years of digital. The equivalent in vinyl is 1975. I am currently listening to a pre-1975 album. It conveys the soul of music. Although digital may be more detailed, and even gives more detail than analog does(in a way), when will it convey the soul of music. This has escaped digital, as far as I can tell.
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Which reminds me, I should suggest my better half to source a fresh bottle of California Merlot. . . the one I have open now is starting to taste as flat as my first CDP sounded in 1984--a McIntosh MCD7000. I should put what's left of the Merlot in a pot roast. . . or perhaps that's what I should have done with my McIntosh instead of selling it in 1994.

If I listen to your set up, it will most likely shift my paradigm. Then when I go back to my system, it won't sound as good. So, I'm afraid to come by ;).

What state are you in TVAD?

I travel with business, so you never know.
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I hear you, Tvad, mine has made a drastic sway towards a more musical presentation with the addition of the TRL/Sony DVP-NS900V. I still have the TRL/SA-14, but find that it is accurate, but not as anywhere near musical as the Sony 900.

I've had the SA-14 described as being more like a vdH Grasshopper, quick and accurate but not as musical as a Koetsu Rosewood Sig. Platinum.

It's funny how our journey changes in this hobby. Of course it's not as if I have no complaints about accuracy now.