When is unequal, equal?

Due to an awkward room configuration,the speaker placement in relation to the amps must lay out as follows: Speaker #1 is approximately 6' from the power source, and Speaker # 2 is spaced at 14" away. My question is as follows. If I choose to run unequal lengths of cable will this create any sonic problems, or will I be safe?... The ideal of having so much extra unused cable spooled up around the system is rather unsightly.
Please advise, and thanks.
Nsgarch, are you saying that signals in cables (IC or speaker)are not AC?
I understand perfectly well the concept of using a shield independent of the signal carrying conductors and the need to connect it in a 'star' ground configuration. That was not my point. My point was that some people are actually saying that the 'negative' conductor should be of different material than the 'positive' conductor or that installing cables in a different direction necessitates another break- in period because the material needs to be 're-oriented', since the current is flowing in the opposite direction. That is pseudo-science. They are implying that the signal current flows in only one direction, which is wrong. The voltage signal varies from positive to negative with reference to the 'ground' and thus the current changes strength and direction accordingly. I suggest that you look at some amplifier output configurations. The ground or 0 potential is a reference point and usually at 0 volts. When the potential or Voltage goes negative with reference to the ground the current flows from the 'ground' towards the 'negative'. Now that isn't pseudo-science.
May I respectfully suggest that you look into the basics of electricity and signal conduction before making assumptions as to my age or knowledge?
Bob P.
Bob, Mr. Abelson states "That some audiophiles fall for this cable hoo-hah is evidence that you CAN fool some of the people all of the time. What put Monster on the map was marketing. And that's all the high-end cable business has ever been."

So it seems that you have both taken the position that it's all hoo-haa. I'm good with that. And I hope you'll both be very happy with your hoo-haa systems until you hear something better, ha ha! (or was that hoo ha!)
I just delt with this. I had 21 feet on the left speaker and 8 on the right due to a home theater setup and all my equipment in a walk in closet much closer to the right speaker. I had this setup for 6 years till just 2 weeks ago.

I was able to bring the left speaker down to 16 feet and then I made the right the same length at 16 feet.

There is seeming to be better balance now. Before, it always seemed as if the singers voices where more towards the left which has the longer cable. Not sure if it was the odd legth in cable.

I did role the cable up by the right speaker due to its longer lenth