When someone listens to your system for the first time.

 I recently had  a 30 something friend of mine, I'm 64, stop in for a bit and sit in my listening chair.  He is a musician and had never heard my system.  Decided to play him Sultans of Swing on my turntable. He was awe struck. Look of amazement on his face. he said he had heard the song countless times, but now knew he had never really heard it. He talked about the clarity, how wonderful the cymbals sounded, how awesome the bass was (thanks to the new subwoofers I bought). I played him a few more things, some Tony Rice, to hear some acoustic instruments.  He couldn't get over the soundstage and imaging. He said he knew why I sat in that chair.  He said he wants to come back, there are tons of songs he wants to now hear on my system.  I listen to music just about every night.  I enjoy my system, but sometimes get caught up in listening to the gear, wondering if I should change something.  Nature of the hobby. So nice to get a new perspective.  Reminder to stop over thinking and enjoy the music. 
@icudoc, That's it, I need a fireplace between my speakers. 

If I could convince one person there was a speaker on the bottom of my turntable motor (until they approached it for a closer listen),
I know someone will fall for the ole' "speaker in the fireplace"
I had two people over the other day. As soon as I fired the system up they started laughing. I asked what was so funny and they said nothing. You see a good system can bring out the best in people.
A lot of my younger friends grew up listening to mp3's and music on YouTube with generic earbuds or computer speakers, etc. When they hear an actual stereo system they're very impressed. 

My friends always ask, "how is that possible".  Always because the room and the speakers disappear.   
I’ve put together a system to present acoustic music at its best, and I like it. But when my brother came over and wanted to hear The Rolling Stones, I knew he was about to be underwhelmed. “I want to feel a punch in my chest,” he says, something my Magnepan .7s just don’t do. To each his own. I want the timbre to be just right on orchestral instruments, what I hear at live performances.