When someone tells you it's a $40,000 amp, does it sound better?

I've always been a little bit suspicious when gear costs more than $25,000 . At $25,000 all the components should be the finest, and allow room for designer Builder and the dealer to make some money.

I mean that seems fair, these boxes are not volume sellers no one's making a ton of money selling the stuff.

But if I'm listening to a $40,000 amplifier I imagine me Liking it a whole lot more just because it costs $40,000. How many people have actually experienced listening to a $40,000 amplifier.  It doesn't happen that often and usually when you do there's nothing else around to compare it to.  

I'm just saying expensive gear is absolutely ridiculous.  It's more of a head game I'm afraid. Some how if you have the money to spend, and a lot of people do, these individuals feel a lot better spending more money for something.  Now you own it, and while listening to it you will always be saying to yourself that thing cost $40,000 and somehow you'll enjoy it more.




“So it's okay to spend just under $20,000 for amplifiers, but $40,000 that's too much, some people think $2,000 is too much.”


No it’s none of my business what someone pays for an amp. Yes the majority of people on earth would think a 2k amp is ridiculous. I don’t think that. I think amps that cost what a car does is ridiculous but could give 2 s..ts who buy them. I could buy a 40k amp if I chose to but I do not. There are “magical” amps that cost 200k. If someone wants to buy them have at it. 

A guy like ghdprentice said in another thread a 22 thousand dollar streamer was a screaming deal! That’s just funny as hell to me. Buy what you want. 

Hello...My Experience.

Just because a piece of gear has a high price doesn't in itself mean that it will sound good. Also, what sounds good to some might not be your cup of tea. 

Usually when a system has a 40K amp it will usually be paired with equally expensive components, speakers ETC.   

Now the caveat.  I have heard some killer systems in killer rooms - some stupidly expensive and others more reasonably priced.  Achieving good sound is a matter of good system synergy...

That being said,  when you hear a properly set up system at a higher price point the experience can be completely humbling.       

AMPLIFIERS have to be considered in light of the speakers you pair them with. If the speakers fail to reveal more subtle details on the recording, then the amps do not have to be "quiet enough" to produce that level of detail. In that case you're better off buying a less expensive New amp, or go with an older (but more prestigious) brand that 20 years ago "used to be" a top performer. If you are planning to get much better speakers as soon as you save up the money, and you can get a great amplifier on sale or a demo now, you might consider buying it. The best route is almost always to stop eating out and use your bicycle instead of your car to get around, and get the speakers you feel you will be hanging onto for a long time FIRST. Then buy a NAD, HEGEL (or similar darn good amp (or even a well made integrated) and enjoy your music. And IMO avoid components made abroad which are exotic and exclusive (some reviewers consider them to be "the best") but are simply more expensive for the same performance you can get here. High-End  Audio is about what YOU think sounds really good, but there's always the pressure to get something "the experts" proclaim to be 10th row at Carnegie Hall. Especially when it comes to wire, you know your cables are well made, but are they limiting what gets to your speakers? How much more money should you spend on them?I think of all the years I didn't even think about wire as I enjoyed every minute listening to the same music I still listen to now....




Now you own it, and while listening to it you will always be saying to yourself that thing cost $40,000 and somehow you’ll enjoy it more.

You will enjoy it more because it would be better.

Is it going to be 40x better than a 1k preamp, most likely not, but it will perform way better in areas that a lesser preamp cannot even touch.

The question is would you buy it, if funds allowed, to enjoy it or to show off. I want to believe that many here would buy it for enjoyment.

I cannot understand, while in this passion, some people reject the idea of expensive gear, quite a few of those reflect somehow their value.

Personally i would go for it, i have one in mind, and show a fake invoice to my wife.


A great amp will shine even with modest speakers.  A friend told me about the day he was working at an audio shop where they used a really good amp with a range of lower priced speakers, including a pair of old and battered Polk speakers, and every speaker sounded amazingly good.  That was when he became convinced about how extremely important amps are to the sound.