When someone tells you it's a $40,000 amp, does it sound better?

I've always been a little bit suspicious when gear costs more than $25,000 . At $25,000 all the components should be the finest, and allow room for designer Builder and the dealer to make some money.

I mean that seems fair, these boxes are not volume sellers no one's making a ton of money selling the stuff.

But if I'm listening to a $40,000 amplifier I imagine me Liking it a whole lot more just because it costs $40,000. How many people have actually experienced listening to a $40,000 amplifier.  It doesn't happen that often and usually when you do there's nothing else around to compare it to.  

I'm just saying expensive gear is absolutely ridiculous.  It's more of a head game I'm afraid. Some how if you have the money to spend, and a lot of people do, these individuals feel a lot better spending more money for something.  Now you own it, and while listening to it you will always be saying to yourself that thing cost $40,000 and somehow you'll enjoy it more.



"Pop the lid?"

As a mere mortal, somehow $40,000 dollars of "truth inside" does not compute.

I have no way of qualifying nor quantifying this assertion.  I'm a mere mortal with adequate but  not "deep" pockets.

However, I do have a sense of how much food $40,000 will buy. 

But this is an audio forum and not culinary.

Market value is what the market is willing to pay. Intrinsic value? Well, that's a whole other rabbit hole.

Onward, Lads and Lassies.

@rbach , actually, you are clueless as to anything I spoke about. So, enjoy ! Always, MrD.

it all depends who you ask?  to a wealthy person, $40k will not mean much to someone.  to a middle class indvidual, he may be able to afford it, but wil rationalize and think what the $40k can do for himself and his family.  

now for the questions of listeing/diference between $10k vs. $40k amp.

I was lucky enough to hear a Gryphon Antileon Evo, excellent sounding like many other amps I've listen to.  Would I purchae the $40k Gryphon?  I would not, the small differenes between them isn't as noticeable as one would think.  But I can't be the judge of it as what I hear, may not be what someone else likes.

the life of a need and a want.  wealthy people could not be satisfied with $10k amp just knowing it doesn't cost as much.  

also like others have said, is the amp $40k build?  how much of a percentage is taken out for marketing?  distriubtion?  sales?  

enjoy music friends.

Some people would say the same thing about the difference between a $5,000 and a $500 amp, or some might say a $40,000 amp doesn't compare to a $150,000 amp. 

I was at an audio show recently and they didn't seem to have radically expensive amps. But they did have speakers that were 120k and 350k. I heard absolutely nothing that would make me even consider either one, even if I had the money to burn.