When was the last time when serious new instrument was invented ?

I don't see anything new. Did I miss something ?


Any instruments new or old, and there is an "uncountable "numbers of them , often not well known define music perception, because each one had his own "timbre"...


And the last discovery in acoustics demonstrated that this is  fundamental because "timbre" of instruments define  the way we will hear and understand music.




Now this very interesting documentary will illustrate what i want to say better than i could :

Çifteli: This microtonal instrument changed the way I think about music



To answer the OP questions there exist an incredible number of musical instruments all along mankind history...

This does not end....

"timbre" and "rythm" had no date no age and no programmed lifespan, they are meanings...

This Sumerian instrument sound anything save primitive...



As, I think, Nietzsche said - Without music life would be an error -.

It might still be an error but perhaps less so.

Dweller, this is an extremely cool machine, and it makes some music too !

Indeed, saxophone is a serious instrument.

AI coming..I don't know what to expect, makes me kind of nervous.