When will a 60"+ true 1080P plasma be available?


I am waiting for a 60"+ true 1080P plasma to build a home theater around.

Does anyone know when one of these will be available? I see that Pioneer is releasing a 50" one this summer...
As a photographer I read over and over about projectors and how superior they are. I have seen dozens of them and to me, they are all lacking in brightness when compared to LCD or CRT direct view (and even LCD projection).

Are there models I've missed or does everyone just accept this limitation and enjoy as is?
Goat, go back to the NEC thread where you just posted and ask that question. I can say that the difference between the 50XM5 and the 50XR5 in terms of inputs is that the 50XM5 has a DVI input that right now could at least accept the 1080p while the 50XR5 has two HDMI inputs, neither of which can at this time accept 1080p. I can't speak for the 61 inch, but they can over at AVSFORUM in 'The New NEC Thread'. The 50 inch was what I bought as it fits to the same proportion of most HD Movies and I didn't think the extra 5 inches on either side was worth the disproportionate cost. As I said earlier I am first more into audio and I care not at all for HDMI, even though this seems to be the upcoming thing.
The dealers I deal with in the DC area say that the Pioneer Elite 1080P 50" plasma will be released this May. In fact the specs and preliminary price are shown on the Pioneer web page.
September 2005. Panasonic 65 inch. Industrial commericial model may price at 7500. Consumer will be 9000.