When will rap music be less mainstream?

First time I heard MC Hammer’s song many years ago, I like the rhythm and thought it is quite unique. After that, all kinds of rap music pop up. I never thought rap music would be mainstream for such a long time in US. If you look at the music award ceremonies, you will find it being flooded with rap music. Sometimes I am not even sure rap can be considered as song because you don’t sing but speak. Now you start to hear rap music in some other languages like Chinese, Japanese and Korean that don’t sound good in rap format. It would be interesting to hear rap music in Italian.

Time will tell if a song is good or not. A song is good if somebody want to play it for their loved ones on the radio 20 years later. I can’t imagine someone will play a rap for their beloved one 20 years later. Just curious if any A’gon member keep any rap collection?

Besides rap, I also have a feeling that the music industry in general is getting cheesy now. American Idol show gets huge attention while lots of singers perform at the bar or hotel can easily sing better than the idols. The show also asked Barbara Streisand if she watched the show and who was her favorite idol. What do you expect her to answer? People said Justin Timberlake is very talented singer/songwriter. I know him because I saw lots of headshot of him on commercials and magazines, but can you name any popular/well known song from him?
Bongofury -

Cool I'll check a couple of those out. I passed on the first Cold War Kids but thought I'd keep my eyes out for new stuff. I've heard a few off the Vampire Wknd and they sound pretty fun. Have to check that out.

Don't know if you've heard Dr. Dog's "Fate" but I bet you'd dig it.

Timrhu - thanks, man! I'll check it out. "The List" is my only Rosanne Cash so far but I'd love some more of her stuff.
Is John Prine country? Love his stuff.

Rosanne Cash has her moments but not totally to my taste. Now Patsy Cline....

Love Dr. Dog. In 2008, I can't tell you the amount of times I heard that album as a sonic backdrop to coffee shops and hip clothing botiques. Underground but great.
Hi Bongofurious and Darkmoboebeous!!
Good to see you have still been defending the fort and warding off a few skirmishes in the trenches. I knew you would have a stockpile of ammunition if you needed to use it to keep the enemy at bay (hehe).

Re country music - you realize you are on hip-hop thread turf here? Anyway, we aren't feeling violent today so we will let you slide. Seriously though, I am not a country guy......... but, a couple of weeks back I happened to pick up a random CD - the Zack Brown Band - "The Foundation". No ten gallon hats and wranglers here - the guys look like a white Cypress Hill with beanies and baggy clothes. Anyway, I popped the CD in my car and was very impressed. Every musician in the group is top-notch and the band as a unit is tight as a fly's ear. They have a bit of a southern rock thing going on and every track is worth a listen or ten. I think this is a pretty new band (at least I have never heard of them) and I am sure they will be HUGE. As I say, country isn't my thing but there is no denying it they are a great band - definitely check them out if you aren't already familiar.