When Will the DAC Singularity Be Reached?

A humorous title, but wondering if those more in the know have an opinion on either: i) examples today where inexpensive DACs (say under $2500) are comparable or superior to expensive (say over $10K) DACs or ii) can we anticipate that within a relatively few number of years that inexpensive DACs will basically achieve the sound quality of today's expensive DACs? Thanks. 


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A DAC by nature needs to fill in (guess) the gaps between the digital sampling rates, so a higher rate per second (aka Hz) will produce a more accurate output. That's why, when available, I prefer my source to have a 192k sample rate.

A comparison might be to consider the difference between a standard signal and a 4k signal when both are displayed on a 4k screen. The up scaling might be decent, but there's no real comparison.

you will not like this; i think the DAC is almost a bridge too far vis a vis power cord and connects. the deal breaker for me is the DAC must be integrated in the integrated amp package. It’s just too many more variable otherwise.

Wait, you think a DAC is as "silly" as expensive power cords and interconnects?

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