When will your system be enough?

If equipment continues to improve and costs begin to diminish with greater production, will you ever stop upgrading, or it there a point at which you'll be satisfied?
I don't see me making much for changes any time soon, I am quite happy enjoying music and not over analyzing the sound.
Upgrading is hard while listening to music is easy. Call me lazy. I admire those who have the will to push sound reproduction to the limits, but it's not something I wish to pursue.
Everytime I make a change to my rig,I say to my wife (and I do believe it when I say it)"this is absolutely the last time. My system is done."...or something along those lines. I cannot tell you how many last purchases I have had...can you relate? I just used this line a couple of weeks ago when trying to sell her on my new speaker request. It worked again...crazy, but it's the fun of it all....