When will your system be enough?

If equipment continues to improve and costs begin to diminish with greater production, will you ever stop upgrading, or it there a point at which you'll be satisfied?
Themadmilkman- I think you are missing his point, I know from my experience audiophiles concentrate on the reproduction of recorded sound, music lovers concentrate on the music. I am a music lover who appreciates accurate reproduction of the recorded music, I know audiophiles who don't really ever enjoy music because they are forever questioning if its imaging as well as it should, or if the bass is accurate... I think there is a fine line of being an audiophile and a lover of music, a lot of audiophiles miss this.
Grannyring has the right idea. I have heard people do this w/ home decor items, like have different pictures to hang on the wall when they need a change.
have you ever been in a snowball fight with the devil?

Me neither and hell ain't froozen over just yet...