When you can't unhear !

So about two weeks ago I brought a dac home from my favourite dealer to evaluate over the holidays.

I have done this a couple of times but never been really impressed . This was different. 

The DAC is soulnote d-2 and it's not going anywhere soon !

Had it in my system for about 5 days when a friend came over and we had a listen, he thought it sounded really good and asked if I had compared it to my old? I haven't. So I plugged in the other and started the same track . It was not subtle, it was saddening how big the difference was. Switching back to the soulnote and wondering about how to unhear that, but I couldn't so I sold one kidney and one of the children and I'm much happier now ūüėĀ

Jokes aside, anybody else had that " can't unhear this " experience and what did you do about it?

My former dac was the Matrix audio X-Sabre Pro MQA. 

Have a good 2024 everyone  !


Hi @lalitk The A-2 is very nie.  It was hardly optimized, replacing a Halo A51 with surround pre pro, stok ables everywhere and old B//W Nautilus 802's.  but it shines!

I now have added an Elation PC, Auralic altair wifi streamer / DAC nad an elation Power cord.  It shines already.  smooth and sweet sounding, and plenty powerful.   I am only there about every other weekend, so trying to not go nuts.

I have large HO layout I have been working on for years.  I could pm you some pics...






I just purchased a set of cone spike decoupling gliders from Herbie's and I can't believe the benefits it's provided being upstairs on carpeted subfloors. I should have started with speaker isolation before system upgrades and I'm sure it would have made the wow factor even bigger. But these aren't leaving my home. 

Thanks for the input Jerry but the subject was not necessary about pricing as much as about the "wow ,this is something fantastic " experience because it does not come very often. 

Thanks everyone for sharing your stories, I love reading about it !


So I couldn't keep my fingers from the cookie jar , took the clock x-3 for a spin and that is not leaving my house anytime soon... 

It's kinda hard to explain how much of a difference it makes,  in short terms it makes everything better..more..clearer..focused .


Forgot to mention wider deeper sharper and more relaxed at the same time, how that's even possible beats me but still it is.