when your hearing is not as good as it was . . .

I'm 68, and too much loud live rock contributed to what they call mild-to-moderate hearing loss. So.

What will no longer make a difference in terms of my components? What can I sacrifice, because I can no longer hear it? 

Will Bluetooth sound the same from my DAC vs going through my preamp for example? 

Can I hear the diff between a tube (Freya) and solid state preamp? 

Can anyone share their experience and if they've done anything to their systems? 


I'm 72 and had my hearing checked a few years ago and it was 12/13k With my stereo rig I took the approach making sure my system was truly full range My tower speakers have built-in subs and I also use two SVS Ultra 13 subs with their upgraded plate amps  I also have a pair of Magnepans that I listen to also  I must say many songs that I've heard before, now sound more impactful with much more inner detail dynamics   I know that l have lost some upper frequency but I can't get the smile off my face when I listen to my stereo equipment! Oh l listen to everything from Frank Sinatra to Odesza 


That is interesting that you have had sensitivity issue with soundstage as I recently had a similar reaction.

About a month ago I replaced the stock J&J tubes in my Rogue RP-1 with NOS Mullards and immediately noticed a widened soundstage. After a couple nights of listening, the soundstage expanded to a point of near saturation. It seemed as though there was one upper frequency that was screaming in my ears in a constant state. My ears ached at the thought of that frequency! I could hear it at work the next day and was hesitant about listening the next night.

So I removed the silver interconnect that I had from my Schiit Yggy DAC and Rogue Preamp and replaced them with a pair of mostly copper interconnects and the overly saturated soundstage went away! In return I also got more bass and the music is now more controlled.

The only change I had made in the past number of months was the swapping of the valves, so the NOS Mullard and the silver interconnects were clearly not a match. 

The big dent in my ego is that I actually spent too much time listening to something that was not just bad, but bad for my health!

It's a dangerous hobby!

Yup- Other than that my experience mirrors knotscott. BTW, I tried high quality hearing aids and did not like them at all with audio systems, I’d rather have the reduced highs than endure the hearing aid artifacts.

I agree. 

Everybody's posts are much appreciated. Thank you