Where are all the Sason users

Not much press on these speakers anymore it's been a while since i've heard anything
Does Robert still make it out to the shows ?

yes this is an old thread

Curious anyone still using the Sasons in there setup

Not much news anymore on these fabulous speakers


I still have them and for what good bookshelves go for these days they are the steal of the century

Unfortunately most users have disappeared

Any comments appreciated

Hi there!  Well, this is an old thread, indeed!  I've stayed away from audio forums for several years (my wife and wallet thank me), but I stumbled across this thread, and will mention it's 2020 and I'm in the process of moving my Sasons to their seventh home in 13 years.  They weigh a ton, and the stands weigh even more when filled, but they are such outstanding speakers that I keep moving them every couple years without complaint.  I even built custom crates for them to help keep them safe. 

I do live in constant fear a driver will get damaged or I'll drop the speaker when moving it and damage the cabinet.  But hey, we're all afraid of something, right? :)