Where are the female Audiophiles?

Based on my limited experience, I would guess that 98% of Audiophiles are male. But 51% of our population is female. What gives?

In this age where females and males are equally represented in Universities and in the Professions, why is this still true?

I would guess that it is a cultural thing, can't be genetic can it?
Is it different in other parts of the World?
Hillary is not Indira. USA is not India. Nor is it Great Britain (Thatcher) or Israel (Meir). Different places, different people.

My wife was invaluable as a listener when I was auditioning speakers. She has a great set of ears. But she doesn't really care to listen to the stereo or to music much (in spite of being a musician/teacher). When she does she likes it "good" and she likes it loud.

Some musicians and/or music teachers are so oversaturated with music during the day that the last thing they want to do is listen to music.
Okay, I'll bite ... unless Hillary gets hit by a bus, I suspect the next president WILL be female.
What we can say with more probability is that if there is a female American president she will not be an audiophile!

As for the rest, most women have more sense than to torture themselves over the fact that the treble might be slightly sweeter with this interconnect, rather than just enjoying the track.
I can come home from work and my wife might be dancing to music that hurts my ears via the recording. I agree with a few comments that it's 90% the lyrical or emotional content and 10 percent the gear.
So is there consensus that there is less chance of getting la.d at an audio show than a Tupperware party? CES doesn't count for obvious reasons!