Where can I find a Benz lps cartridge for sale?

Are these carts scarce?

if is, why?

Right you are Nandric....VPI had to make a special one for my 3D arm. The cartridge is quite fabulous and worth any trouble it may make.
The other peculiarity one should be aware off are the
very strong magnets. The so called 'iron core' does not
allow strong magnets. That is why Lukatschek uses ruby
plates for the coils. One should be very careful with
(fastening) screws as well the nearness of other carts.
Because of the open bottom a screw can get 'fastened' to
the coils instead to the threads . My comrade Don broke
the coils of his ,uh, Ruby 3 by traing to get his screw
back while my (small) Hiyphonic MC-A3 was nearly killed
by 'embrace' of the 'big' LP S.
The Ruby Z is very close in performance to the LP-S. Other than the wood possibly someone here can describe their differences.

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Listening to Beethoven #5 right now on SME V, with standard counter weight. May try a heavier one (just because??). Sound is great! Moved from the Gullwing and have not looked back. If you can get one (LPs), go for it.