Where did you buy your first audio gear?

I bought my first audio gear in a Post Exchange PX store in Baumholder Germany. I was a young soldier about 20 yrs old and bought a SAE amp and Preamp, Bose 901 speakers, Sony CDP-101 CD player and a Thorens TD 320 turntable. Where did you buy your first audio gear? What did you get?

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Allied on south Western Ave in Chicago. 1967 bought a pair of JBL Dorian S12 speakers. Still have them. Don’t remember what turntable or receiver I had.

TV Lenney’s American TV. Place was fantastic. You never paid full price sales people were commission and you could talk them down sll the time. Had a high end listening room that always stocked the best of the best in retail stereo gear. My first big buy was my Nakamichi Dragon cassette deck that I still run in my main rig. Second was a Carver amp that I still swap in and out.

Harvey Electronics on 45st in NYC. Late 1960’s. The area was called Radio Row. I purchased a small pair of speakers to go with my small budget. I had a Fisher Amp (hand me down from Dad when he got Mac gear) and a dual turntable (Xmas gift). I was s card carrying member of the reccord club of America too.

A few years later I got a phase one Amp. Yup it blew up.