Where do you buy your CDs these days?

I'm curious what online sites folks use to find CDs? I use Amazon, and especially their Marketplace sellers for used discs. But prices have become high and supply has become stagnant. I used to use several European retailers (Amazon UK and Presto) before the pandemic, but shipping is extremely slow these days and I've had more than one never show up at all and presumed lost. Surely there are other online retailers?
ebay and Amazon..no problems with ebay discs, and many are free shipping where used CD's on Amazon are an automatic $3.99 shipping fee, even though actual shipping is way less...
I buy from Ebay and Amazon depending on who has the best shipping rates. However for new releases, I have bought direct from the artists' websites. The artists get more money and often, they cut you a deal. I live in Atlanta and there are still a few used disc stores- recently released product and particularly sexy for bootlegs. The challenge I have in general is people stealing my mail. Tracking is essential.
I buy CDs from the same places that I buy my cassettes...thrift stores. If you try to buy cassettes at record stores, they want $1.99 for common ones and up to $10.00 for hard to find ones. The same record stores charge $5-$7 for pre-owned CDs. Thrift stores sell them for $.50-$1. I'm no cheapskate but most of my listening is by 60's/70's artists so why would I pay more. I'm retired and have time on my hands. Obviously, when I buy new music, like the new Norah Jones or Neil Young albums, I'm forced to pay around $15 at ZIA Records in Phoenix.