where do you bye your LPs

where do you bye your LPs, may sound like a stupid question but when i look under google i get a record store has the lp i want but only in cd format. Thanks for the heads up.
If Natalie Portman sends you a Valentines card and hand writes:

I Luv You !

Do you correct the spelling error, or meet with her and get a kiss?
The first weekend of Nov is the WFMU record fair. Plenty of stuff some fair prices.Usually held as 125W 18th St.(NYC of course) Fri, Sat & Sun. Go to WFMU.org for more info.
Albertporter, despite the sequence of five comon letters in your names, you have as little prospect of a Valentine from Natalie as the both of us. Further, I bet you any recording you hope for that she never substitutes "Luv" for love.

Furthermore "Beautiful Girls" has a nice sound track.

Penultimately, 'Valentines card" (sic) requires the possessive apostrophe, i.e. "Valentine's" if using the word "card". Finally, since a Valentine is a card or other similar note, you do not need to say card; it is simply a "Valentine".

Now I get the prize for being a pedantic jerk!
Aceto, your the "card." :^)

I know I'm too old and have no chance, but a man's got a right to dream doesn't he?

Anyway, I think that's why pretty girls ARE in movies, guys can't help but admire them.