Where do you go after a Dynaudio C1 ?

I have been scouting for a pair of speakers to replace my Dynaudio C1, which after many years of enjoyment I now find voiced to relaxed for my taste. I am looking for speakers that comes as close as possible to the raw sound and timbre of voices and instruments with minimal house coloration, speakers that energize a room to give an electrifying feel of presence, speakers that convey both refined subtlety and explosive dynamics with effortlessness. This have to be smallish, either a standmount or small footprint floorstander, must work in condo-type living room, and synergize with high power rowland amp I use.

Two speakers I have listened to and consider top candidates are the Magico V2 and Focal Utopia Diablo. These seem to possess the attributes I seek. Given my parameters, what other speakers do you think I should consider? Buying new with budget $15,000 max, less the better. Please note purchase will be in the Philippines, where most small specialty brands are not available.
I had C1's for a couple of years. The comments about the new version performing better at low volume are very interesting. What changes did they make that resulted in that outcome, do you suppose?

There have been a number of threads here over the years -- including one I started -- about finding speakers that perform well at low volume. I'd love to know the technical why a revised design made improved in that department. Would be great to hear the Dynaudio engineers address this question.
YG Carmel's- Just go listen to these two-way floor standers before you make your purchase. Lightening-fast transients, Incredible holographic, lifelike musicality. A sonic tour-de-force and maybe the Best speaker in the YG arsenal.
Wilson Audio Duette. You may not like my suggestion as our tastes may differ. I auditioned the Magico v3 I believe and it did not energize the room or bring anything to life for me.

Perhaps their new offerings are better or I just had a bad experience.
I agree on the Sonus Faber recommendation and hope you can give some a listen in the Philippines. The higher resolution of many speakers is a two-edged sword. You can get swept up in their detail for awhile only to be worn out by it after awhile longer. IME the Sonus Fabers manage to bathe you in a wash of ambient detail in its most musical perspective while not taking over the show. I can listen to them for hours and hours. You might be able to find exactly what you want in the SF Cremona Ms. They list at $12,500 USD and are often available for less. They are dead flat to 40 Hz in the bass with airy treble extension beyond human hearing. That airy resolution and transparency gives you what you're looking for while its bass extension gives you almost all the music. If you want that last theoretical bottom octave, there's still enough left in your budget for a good self-powered sub.