Where do you go after a Dynaudio C1 ?

I have been scouting for a pair of speakers to replace my Dynaudio C1, which after many years of enjoyment I now find voiced to relaxed for my taste. I am looking for speakers that comes as close as possible to the raw sound and timbre of voices and instruments with minimal house coloration, speakers that energize a room to give an electrifying feel of presence, speakers that convey both refined subtlety and explosive dynamics with effortlessness. This have to be smallish, either a standmount or small footprint floorstander, must work in condo-type living room, and synergize with high power rowland amp I use.

Two speakers I have listened to and consider top candidates are the Magico V2 and Focal Utopia Diablo. These seem to possess the attributes I seek. Given my parameters, what other speakers do you think I should consider? Buying new with budget $15,000 max, less the better. Please note purchase will be in the Philippines, where most small specialty brands are not available.
Even though this thread is over a year old I'll throw in my 2 cents. I upgraded my original C1's for the C1 Signature. The MKII/Sig sounds much cleaner at lower listening levels where the originals sounded best when turned up past 85db. A little louder than I normally like. But that being said the originals will play a little louder when you crank them way up.

3 weeks ago I traded in my C1 Sig's which I never thought I would do. I find the Raidho D1's much better than the Dyn C1's but are they expensive. 3.25 times more than the C1 sigs. The D1's have even smoother highs with the ribbon tweeter and the mids are even clearer (much blacker background). Imaging is a lot better. That being said the Dyn C1's are easier to set up where the D1's really need to spread apart a lot more and toed in a lot more. Also the Dyn C1's go a lot lower in the bass but I do have a sub and I'm pretty close to having set up to work with the D1's. I had the sub crossed over at 36hz with the C1's and have it set at 46hz for the D1's.
I know your integrated amp quite well. A friend of mine he owned it. I sold it for him. To be honnest for the money there are better ones in quality. When you will spend more money on speakers you need to get the best amps to get a deasant level out of the speakers. I am talking about sound realism but also about the qulaity in 3 dimensional stage. Because both Magico and Focal can give this. It depends about the quality of the amp. source, cables and conditioner you use. Many people who love audio get a to low level out of there speaker. You Always listen to all the parts togheter in your systen ( including acoustics).
Xti16, congratulations for your new speakers!

I am certainly not surprised to hear the Raidho D1s are better than the Dynaudio C1s signatures. While I am sure this move is a very happy one for you, it is a bit of a sad moment for the audiogon-ers. Who is going to answer from now on their questions about Dynaudio C1 and. C1 mk2? :)

Congratulations again for you new marvellous speakers!
Paul I'll still answer questions. The C1's are a tremendous value for the money. I got a deal I couldn't pass up with the D1's.