Where do you want your system to go when you go?

People think of real estate, stocks, property...etc.  But I'm wondering where would my audio systems go when I go?  Most in my family are happy with television and an audio system that is more like a TV or toaster.  Not to be morbid, but my friends that would have cared are no longer living.  There are lawyers, charitable causes and other "things" for other possessions, but I cannot see my systems going to Goodwill....etc.  For us baby boomers it is a real thought.  My best friend, who died of cancer, had a decent system with sperates and some Martin Logan speakers... his wife didn't care and ended up giving it all away and basically just watches TV.  

What do you want to happen to your system?...hopefully many of you have people in your life that your system would mean something to them.



















Mine will go to my youngest Son

He was the victim of numerous A/B double blind tests over the years and has an appreciation for the SQ, though not sure he has the ambition to keep it evolving and healthy

I know he has the attention to detail, but his true passion is on the other end

He writes and records his own music, has made a little money and donates part of the proceeds to charity

For all of his home studio equipment he has maintained all the original packaging and user guides, not sure where he got that OCD habit - haha

The apple didn't fall too far from the tree and he and I still enjoy several extended listening sessions every year, mostly around holidays and bdays

Here's a link to his work over the pandemic

For Christmas he got me the one and only version of it on vinyl

One night I saw his album on a stack, sandwiched between Gregg Allman and the Stones, sort of a proud dad moment

My apologies on the diversion....

Lastly what did I get him for Christmas, tickets to the RHCP in Sep - a double date with me, Mom and his girlfriend 


I was the executor for my mom's estate and when I get to be too old to climb the 15 steps to enjoy my audio system I suspect I'll need to find someone (with a strong back) who appreciates and can accommodate it.  The work of an executor is pretty involved, so I'd want to minimize the stress of doing that...for probably my wife.

I want my system set up at the funeral home, cranking Led Zeppelin. After that, I don’t care what happens to it.

Nah, seriously, I have two identical systems and will leave them to my kids.

Funny question. I bought in the last year a Rogers High Fidelity integrated amp which comes w/ a lifetime warranty. One of Roger’s advertising lines is equipment your kids will be fighting over…. 

I asked Roger how old he was & he’s exactly my age so I hope he lives at least as long as I have no plans on ever selling it ( great stuff!!) . 

All my audio equipment will be buried along side of me and the speakers will be toed in so that I can listen in peace. I have left instructions to leave it turned on with a car battery connected. My wife does not want it so I am taking it with me...