Where does your user name come from?

Hi everyone,
I'm curious to know what's the story behind your user name (or Alias)... There are a bunch of people that use their name (of parts of it) like myself, Albert Porter, GerryM5, Esoler...

But where does user name like Cornfedboy, Garfish, Calloway, Tireguy, SwampWalker (and many many others) come from? Any story behind?

Just curious
Mine is a combo. My name is Eric, a frind of mine had a jazz recording called E-man Groove and he gave me that as a nickname. Then he shortened it to E Groove. Then just E.

My other hobbie is mountain biking. I ride a Santa Cruz Superlight. I liked the "Cruz" part, so I combined the two, to Ecruz.
Years ago a girlfriend and I visited an aquarium. In one tank were huge groupers slowly meandering. I stopped in front of it and started imitating the slow mouth pursing movements the fish were making, and the biggest one of all came right up to the glass in front of me and we spent several minutes communing like that eye to eye. My girlfriend, from a country where people are a bit more inhibited in public, was duly impressed by this "crazy American". She started calling me Grouper. Later she married me. She still calls me Grouper. The 52 came from my year of birth, and also my age when I first started using this screen name on the internet.
a combination of the sophisticated "Bo" from ancient Southern folklore and the name of a man who helped my great-grandfather farm for 60 years.