Where does your user name come from?

Hi everyone,
I'm curious to know what's the story behind your user name (or Alias)... There are a bunch of people that use their name (of parts of it) like myself, Albert Porter, GerryM5, Esoler...

But where does user name like Cornfedboy, Garfish, Calloway, Tireguy, SwampWalker (and many many others) come from? Any story behind?

Just curious
Mine is a play on Seurat, the french painter - when I first got online, back in the early 90's on Prodigy, it was bounced so I went with Cerrot. It has been my online name ever since.
In the early days of importing Avantgarde hornspeakers - 1999 or so - I used the screen name of hornguys.

Resigned as the Avantgarge distributor in late 2005.

Inquired later as to whether or not I could change my screen name. Audiogon said no - so hornguys it remains.

My actual name is Jim Smith.