Where does your user name come from?

Hi everyone,
I'm curious to know what's the story behind your user name (or Alias)... There are a bunch of people that use their name (of parts of it) like myself, Albert Porter, GerryM5, Esoler...

But where does user name like Cornfedboy, Garfish, Calloway, Tireguy, SwampWalker (and many many others) come from? Any story behind?

Just curious
No, speakers and pre & amp are American built. The sources are Asian. I appreciate the quality that the Italians build into their products as well as the style they present. But alas as in many things in life, a bit out of reach. But a trip to Little Italy in Philly or Baltimore for a roast pork sandwich, or an expresso and cannoli slways makes up for the Brioni suit I'll never own or the Ferrari that will never be parked in my driveway. Whether its audio or Italian culture obsession is a great thing. Take care. Dave