Where has the respect gone?

I have a middle of the road audio system. I built my own speakers with a Seas Odim kit, a Rogue 99 mag., a Esoteric DV-50, built my own 200 watt power amp, BPT 3.5 Signature Plus, upgraded Sansui TU-717, Revelation Audio Labs Testament speaker wire, HMS rca's and power cords and Virtual Dynamics Testament power cord and Soundstrings rca's too! I have many other pieces I am working on and trying to sell but I have started to notice a trend in some Audiogon members. It is kinda getting like other internet selling places, where there is no respect for each other. I am like everyone else and that I want the best deal but I try to be respectful to the seller or buyer. I have probably not been that to all and for that I am sorry and I ask your forgiveness. It seems like lately things are starting to change and I do not believe it is necessary to change. I have not been a member from the first but it makes no difference if I was the first member or the last member, just sign in we need to have respect for each other. I hate to see Audiogon turn into what some of the others are in lying and cheating for a dollar or just being rude. Let us all remember to respect the other person and let this stay a fun job, hobby or whatever it my be to you! Remember it starts with us all!
Stehno: I asked to let by-gone's be by-gone's at the beginning of the year. I've refrained from "attacking" ( as you would put it ) any reviewers, manufacturers, corporations, etc... since that time. In fact, i have purposely and publicly walked away from threads that were destined to turn into a disaster since that time. If you can't let things go, so be it. The fact that you went out of your way to make such a post tells me where your heart is. I realized a long time ago that you can't make everyone happy all the time, no matter how hard one tries. Sean
Oh, hi, Sean. Attacking (is not how I put it). I intentionally and specifically used the words destroy and destruction.

I'm not sure who you asked to 'let by-gones be by-gones'.

But if you've turned over a new leaf then I say congratulations, time will tell, and Lord willing, you and I will never need to converse again.

Stehno: While i meant what i said, i don't know how much more public i could have made it. If you or anyone else somehow missed these posts, here they are for your perusal. As per your wishes, i'll try to keep our interaction down to a minimum. Given your attitude in the two above posts, i would appreciate it if you would reciprocate the favour. Sean



It is fuuny I tried to sit here and think of something to say that would help this problem and this is all I could stayed with. Remember the rhyme that says; "sticks and stones may break my bones but WORDS can never hurt me". I guess we all know that is not true because they do hurt and are remember. I guess that is why we need to watch what we say because we are all different and what might be a joke to one might be a cause to fight for another.