Where is All the DSD?

Ever since last fall when Sony made the announcement that they would start releasing hi quality music files, DSD, I have been waiting with great anticipation to get those. Acoustic Sounds (and other online retailers) followed-up immediately with their own announcements that much more DSD content was on its way.... What happened? I check every several days hoping to fine loads of new DSD files available on AS and other stores; so far, I am not seeing them. Yes, there are a few decent DSD titles out there, but so far it has been a big let down. What went wrong?
I've been hearing about high-res downloads and easy to use servers to play them that are "just around the corner" for about 20 years now. I hope that Sony will come through, but I advise patience and waiting till the goods are available before buying in.
+10 Elizabeth, and a very sad truth too. A lost decade that has run 20+ years has inflicted irreparable damage.
Im thinking the people running the recording business these days are incompetent fools.
SACD/DSD was a colossal failure in terms of mainstream acceptance. It wasn't the quantum leap leap in performance for people who had HTIB systems or weened on mp3s. Sony is notorious for dropping failed venures like hot potatoes...Beta anyone?
Sony is the next Kodak. They need to get their heads out of their arses. There's just no money in it for anyone. There's too many music lovers that are just as happy to listen to music on an alarm clock than a hifi.