Where's the love for my RP-10 and Apheta 2?

Hi Folks,

A short time ago, I started a thread on amps/preamps where I asked about upgrading, but was concerned with diminishing returns.  The insights were very, very helpful and instructive.   It has caused me to focus more clearly on room treatments, speaker placement and power supply.   Given the help I received last time, I wanted to ask about  my Rega RP-10.

I have a new Rega RP-10 with the Apheta 2 cartridge, Pass Labs XP-15 phono stage, Conrad Johnson ET5 preamp, Conrad Johnson LP260MSE Tube monoblocks and EgglestonWorks Viginti speakers.  No DAC.

Mike Fremer on Stereophile gives the RP10 an A, I believe.  But, I just don't see a lot of love out there for the Rega's.  Am I missing something?

I originally purchased a Rega RP6 with the Exact2 cartridge with the same gear as listed above.  I knew that was not going to work for me because of the sound quality.  One of my dealer buddies told me that I needed to pony up a lot more money on the table, arm, cartridge and record cleaning machine.  I did that, and also got a ClearAudio Smart Matrix Pro record cleaning machine.

I listen a lot to classical music, Mozart mostly, on really good recordings.  I also listen to classic and contemporary rock music.  I generally like the sound of the RP10 and find it quite a bit better than my Oppo 105D with the Modwright upgrades (which also seems to get nominal love on these forums).

I think there is generally better value getting a used table with a new cartridge, but am open to opinion.  So, if you had $10,000 to spend on a new (to me) turntable or CD player, which way would you go?

Thanks for whatever insight you can provide.
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I purchased the RP-10/Apheta 2 in December of 2018. 

Love the table but the left channel in the cart died due to a faulty solder joint after only 6 months. I'm working with a Rega dealer to try and get it replaced or repaired but the initial Rega response was I could trade it in for a $1300 credit...meaning I need to pay $500 out of pocket for a replacement that should be clearly covered by warranty. Hoping that it doesn't come to this after their evaluation...which is a lengthy process for those of us in not in the U.K. 

Fingers crossed they do the right thing. 
@lee59. Good luck, I had a Rega CD player and the transport crapped out after about a year. Their response was basically to tell me that’s too bad and gave me a very expensive repair estimate. Rega is junk. IMO
I recently bought a new P 8 with the Alpheta 2 cartridge and absolutely love it. My other table is a restored TD 124 with an SME m2-9 arm and an AT Art 9 cart. The Rega May be better as far as detail retrieval and being quiet. The Thorens May be a little better when it comes to presence and slam. They are both good just a little different.

I have the rp10 for 2 years and no problems and sounds great running thru the dartzeel preamp. The ultimate set it forget it turntable.  The VPI's and Linn's drove me nuts with adjustments.

I'd like to own the RP-10  for the, what I believe to be a future historical tt design in the eyes of many. I've got too many projects now.