Where should the Whale Elite rest?

I found that to plug the BMI Whale Elite into the power conditioner got the biggest improvement. I did try it on the CDP, Pre and Power. However, the biggest sonic improvement is from the power conditioner, then the pre. I don't know why? Any comments?
HaH! Guy came over last weekend, a cable and cord hound, and he was impressed by the heft of the "Big Boys"!
Lots of laugh. Good to see some sense of humor on the site.
I have 4 Whales and have impressive results hooked up to the
PS 600 power plant. I have all my equipment plugged into it except the power amp. It was night and day when I hooked up the Whale. The Whale brought the soundstage out and dynamics with very tight bass.
Timber>Four Whales! My God! I've got two plugged into my Shunyata Hydra PLC. Did you notice, if applicable, that with each succesive Whale that you were getting too much of its signature in the System. I'm assuming your running Whales exclusively, I'm using Vioers and Sidewinders in addition. Specifically, was/is the bass over the top with four Whales?

MikE -My reference audio system craves tight natural bass. With the Whales installed in the system it was one of the best upgrades I did. I use to have a mix barrel of power cords, King Cobra v1, NBS statement and Fatman. I only kept the Fatman on my amp, but may go to a 5th Whale to keep everything in sync.
I keep my Whale in salt water, just like they do in the big tank at Marine Land. Hang on a minute while I plug it in and see what happens. Oh shhii......t, I'm totaly shocked at how good this thing is.