Where to buy a good quality wall wart

Sorry to seem so naive but I need suggestions for where to order a good quality wall wart power supply, to convert AC to 8-12v, 1A DC. A Google search turned up so many options that I just got lost in confusion. (It is to be used to power a USB-to-SPDIF converter.) Thank you for your advice!
If you want to go high end you might try the Russ Andrews site in the UK. They've just made a replacement wall wart for Cambridge DAC Magic that's amazing.

I got a "Little Pinkie" power supply for my V-DAC, they make ones for other Musical Fidelity units as well. Big improvement, cost around $200. Located in Scotland, don't have address off the top of my head, make it for US voltage on request. You would have to hear it to believe how good it sounds.