Where to find 6AWG E51583 wire on line

Anyone know where I can find 6AWG 19 strand wire to make some speaker cables on line?
Maybee he plans on using the new wire as a multi-tasker. Speaker wire Monday thru Friday and arch-welding on the weekend.

The stuff is a big pain to work with especially when biwiring. I love the sound and the price, i'm not sure if smaller guage would work as well Bound For Sound thinks Lowes 6AWG sounds the best as evident by the equipment they use it with here is their system.

What's in the BIG RIG? (June 20, 2005)

The components listed herein are not so designated because they are, or are not, the basis for a Bound for Sound reference system. Nothing so profound or meaningful is intended. Instead, the products listed below are those that happen (by design or serendipity) to be in the Big Rig on the date above - it could change the next day (and sometime it does).

What this page does is let you see what's being auditioned at a given point in time, and therefore know what components are likely to be reviewed in upcoming issues. And as for reference pieces, the more times you see it here, the more likely yours truly feels it to be of special merit.

Equipment rack: Arcici Suspence Rack and two Michael Green Clamp Racks.

Isolation bases: Osiris amp stands

Turntable and Digital Transport stand: Michael Green Clamp Racks

Digital Transport: Camelot with Foundation Research LC 1

Digital Processor: Benchmark

CD Player: Combak Reimyo

DSP Unit: Camelot Dragon with homemade Lowe's 6 awg power cord

Turntable: Clearaudio Champion Level 2 with FR LC1 Power Cord

Cartridge: Red Rose Rose Petal

Tonearm: Rega 300 (modified by Clearaudio)

Phono Stage: Emmaline XR-10B

Interconnects: RWA & Aural

Preamp: Emmaline II Stealth

Power Amp: NU Force Reference 8

Speaker cables: Lowe's 6 awg

Loudspeakers: VMPS RM 40 (latest version)

Subwoofer: M & K

AC Line Conditioning: Audience

DVD Video: Camelot Round Table

Phase Correction: none

Accessories: Lloyd Walker Valid Point system, Argent RoomLens & Right Way Cable Suspenders, Tritium #15 line Triphaser on amps

ebay,do a search for silver wire and then cosumer electonic,some good looking six guage