where to get AudioNote wires

I am looking for AudioNote wire (for arm rewire project) and following another thread

but AudioNote.com doesn't list any distributors in the US. Anybody knows a place where I can get AudioNote wires from
Thank you
I purchased some from a company in the UK direct to my home in the US. Just google "Audio Note silver tonearm wire", or something like that. Finding it was not a problem. Trying to use the stuff IS a bit of a problem; it is amazingly thin silver Litz wire (a good news/bad news type of thing) and therefore very easy to damage. I am in the midst now of deciding whether I dare to try to thread it through a braided copper shield; the cut ends of the metal braid are very likely to tear the very fragile insulation, if not also to break one or more of the leads. Some others whom I trust swear by the Ikeda silver tonearm wire, which looks to be easier to work with.
Thank you everybody, the list is there, my fault, I just didn't see the 'if' in
'if not mentioned below' on the AN site!
I never did play with silver wiring before sticking to the idea that the copper would give more 'presence', I am going to try silver this time after I looked over what other people saying here (I am gonna do 'copper backup' though :)
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Lewm, have you considered running it first through small diameter Teflon tubing, as used to insulate capacitor leads, then through the copper braid? That is what I did with my continuous run tonearm wiring (except for the short section where it needs to be flexible, of course). It works very well that way.
Frogman - what was the teflon tube diameter? I didn't work with teflon much. So I guess the teflon you put just INSIDE the tube, correct? What did you use after that and ouside of the arm base to the pre-amp? Same teflon or something else, would be intersting to know. Thank you