where to get AudioNote wires

I am looking for AudioNote wire (for arm rewire project) and following another thread

but AudioNote.com doesn't list any distributors in the US. Anybody knows a place where I can get AudioNote wires from
Thank you
I purchased some from a company in the UK direct to my home in the US. Just google "Audio Note silver tonearm wire", or something like that. Finding it was not a problem. Trying to use the stuff IS a bit of a problem; it is amazingly thin silver Litz wire (a good news/bad news type of thing) and therefore very easy to damage. I am in the midst now of deciding whether I dare to try to thread it through a braided copper shield; the cut ends of the metal braid are very likely to tear the very fragile insulation, if not also to break one or more of the leads. Some others whom I trust swear by the Ikeda silver tonearm wire, which looks to be easier to work with.
Thank you everybody, the list is there, my fault, I just didn't see the 'if' in
'if not mentioned below' on the AN site!
I never did play with silver wiring before sticking to the idea that the copper would give more 'presence', I am going to try silver this time after I looked over what other people saying here (I am gonna do 'copper backup' though :)
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Lewm, have you considered running it first through small diameter Teflon tubing, as used to insulate capacitor leads, then through the copper braid? That is what I did with my continuous run tonearm wiring (except for the short section where it needs to be flexible, of course). It works very well that way.
Frogman - what was the teflon tube diameter? I didn't work with teflon much. So I guess the teflon you put just INSIDE the tube, correct? What did you use after that and ouside of the arm base to the pre-amp? Same teflon or something else, would be intersting to know. Thank you
I purchased m Teflon tubing from Michael Percy(.com). He has Teflon tubing as thin as 22 gauge. I think I used 20 gauge. AN wire is very thin so even the 22 gauge will work, the problem is that the thinner the tubing, the more difficult it is to run the wire through it.

I am not sure I understand what you mean by "putting the teflon inside the tube". To be clear: the tube itself is constructed of clear Teflon. The tonearm wires go inside the Teflon tube.