where to get AudioNote wires

I am looking for AudioNote wire (for arm rewire project) and following another thread

but AudioNote.com doesn't list any distributors in the US. Anybody knows a place where I can get AudioNote wires from
Thank you
Lew, what I do is to solder the tinned end of the wire or twisted pairs of wires to the end of a length of thin solid core picture hanging wire which will comfortably slide through the entire length of the teflon tubing, and I pull it through. No danger of damage with reasonable care.
Nandric is correct. I found this out when I was sourcing my AN wire a while back. My concerns were put to rest when I received and installed the AN UK wire. The Kondo wire may be superior (at about 3-4 times the cost), but the UK wire is the best I have ever used. Far better to my ears than Cardas, Discovery or VDH.
Frogman - sorry, I should have said 'inside the wand', I mean inside the arm. Or inside the arm just wires and then teflon once you get out of the arm? If this is not to much to ask - if you could share a picture in case you have any of what you did, I don't expect you to disassemble the arm certainly - if you could email me the picture at asmirnov9@homtail.com would greatly appreciate that. Thank you
Froggie, I do the same, using any fairly stiff solid core wire as a guide for the thin wire.

Nandric, While I have to agree that AN UK is different from AN Japan and that for a while at least the former traded on the very high reputation of the latter, it is also true that in recent years just about everyone knows the difference. The UK products are so much less expensive that it's obvious. Also, the UK products as a rule are not as good nor totally duplicative of what is sold by AN Japan.

But, having said all that, I have also to say that Kondo-san and AN Japan are also guilty of, shall we say, excessive "showmanship". The idea that silver wire, made from a base element that was in the ground possibly since the earth was formed from a cloud of gas, would somehow transmogrify to something more wonderful, if the end product made from it is aged above ground for a few measly years, is just silly, IMO. The idea that ANY amplifier can be worth sums of money in the $150,000 range is equally farcical, but I recognize that AN is not alone in promoting such costly products. I once had the pleasure of listening to both an Ongaku and a Kegon, consecutively on the same day in the same place, driving AN loudspeakers. Each was excellent in its own way (given the cost, I would say "merely" excellent), but I was struck by the fact that they sounded VERY different from each other. IMO, that should not be; there can be only one Nirvana.
Aspirin Lew. As a medical doctor you should know. Put the
wire on the aspirin and then the soldering iron above both to strip the wire.